Sunday , January 24 2021

Aircraft claims in Balıkesir – Balıkesir news

Search and rescue began on social media shares in the direction of aerial crash near Ayvalık district Balıkesir.

According to the information received, the Ayvalik Gendarmerie Command and the Ayvalik Municipal Fire Department began the first hours of the night, and search teams started the first 112 emergency services, and AFAD and the National Medical Rescue Team (UMKE) also supported.

Teams are mostly concentrated in the rural areas of Čakmak and Kërcalar.

Although searches found not found, works will continue until the morning, and the region will be scanned with the first days of the day.

Bircan Yavaş, who works at the petrol station in the Bahçeliköy district in Dikili district of Izmir, bordering Ayvalik, told correspondents AA that witnesses of this incident were correct at 16:00.

Slowly the plane crashed on the sides of the Ayvalik Transmission that dropped the "Slow" plane, burned at the rear of the hill fell just where we did not see the crash, the small plane, was not a big plane, I think it's a private plane or spraying airplane. He said.

Two Ayvalik citizens, Kepsut municipality, claimed to have taken a mobile phone from a mobile phone. Photos were taken by the Ayvalık gendarmerie and supervisor of the Ayvalık Fire brigade group, which was associated with the Metropolitan municipality.

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