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Barcelona Lassa: 65 – Fenerbahce | The result of the match


Fenerbahce, who was Barcelona's guest at THY Euroliga's 10th week, won 84-65 of the corridor. Yellow Lacivertliler 6 who won the game in a row, the Euroleague 9 wins and becomes the leader.

Barcelona's Blaugrana in the first quarter of the match played in the first quarter yellow lacivertliler closed, the circuit entered 45-36 winners.

Fenerbahce continued to rule in the second half and finished the third period ahead of 64-47. Fenerbahce in the last period of effort to reduce the gap Barcelona Fenerbahce left field 84-65 victory.

Fenerbahce only once during the match, the score at 3 minutes (6-5) lags behind for his opponent.

Ali Muhammad 16, Marko Guduric 13 and Luigi Datome and Jan Vesely were the most prominent characters in the victory of Fenerbahce. Adam Hanga won 16 points in Barcelona Lassa.

Barcelona, ​​basketball player Hangu, said at the end of the meeting: "We could not do well in the defense and we could not catch the rhythm," he said.

With this result, he passed the 9th victory at THY European League Fenerbahce, averaging CSKA Moscow. Barcelona is the fourth defeat.

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