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BİM October 13, list of discounted products

BİM On November 13, shortly after the list of discounted products, BİM was released on November 16, 2008, the current product catalog. On the list of discounted products, this week were the favorite products of the pincers, while BİM was held as the favorite product on November 16, the current product catalog. In BİM this week, the Simbat brand offers 500 grams of 34 cents flour for sale. BİM 13 Kasım BİM November 16 Friday With a list of product discounts, all the details of the current product catalog.

BİM 16 November, Friday, current product catalogs was released tonight. Interestingly, BİM happened on Friday, November 16, in the current product catalog. BİM week favorite product iThere were 149 pounds Baston Baby Carriage. This week at BİM products from newborns to adult men. For example, Men's Trekking Boat was placed on the BİM stand at 49.90 lire, while the sleeping bags for babies were offered for 22.90 pounds. BİM, who is also thinking about coffee, this week launched the Fakir Brand Electric Coffee Pot for 59.90 pounds.

This week at BİM a very attractive product for women. Steam Iron for Philips 149.90 pounds List of current BİM productstook his place.

It appears that BİM has shaped a list of current products with regard to the fishing season. Because the list includes fish frying. In addition, Granite Pan is available on the BİM market this week.

Baby products are weighed BİM 16 November, Friday, current product catalogsOther products and prices in Turkey are as follows:

Baby Monitor 149.00

Yoghurt machine 99.90

Practical Mom's Chair 59.90

Mini kayak 39,90

Plastic mini tool with 8 pcs.

Mini City 18.50

Princess mini doll 13,90

Baby Sleeping Bag Sleepy 9.95

Children with a Licensed Swimmer 34.90

Sleeping bag for babies 22.90

Panduf Baby 15,90

Cotton linen babies 14.90

Baby Care Bag 12.90

Licensed Bottom of Child 12,50

Licensed Body Doll 12,50

Lips for Baby Organic 6,50

Certified Apron 8.50

Boca 6.50

Baby bottle brush 2,95

mirotvorac 3,50

Mami Power 330 ml 2.95

Steam Iron PowerLife Plus GC2981 / 20 149.00

Electric potholder 59,90

Granite effect carnival pot 28 cm 59.90

Fish Pan ~ 30 cm 44,90

Granite effect Pan ~ 28 cm 34,90

Jar with wooden lid ~ 1120 cc 8.50

Jar with wooden lid ~ 630 cc 7,50

One-time mini Teflon type 13.50

Round plate with 6 pieces 6.95

Flexible cutting board 4,95

Plastic Cartridge 2.95

Sample of a single fork – Spoon – knife 2.75

Mini Strain 1.50

Trekking Boots Men 49.90

Trojan truck 24.90

1000 pieces Puzzle 17,90

Trafalno grilled meat 15,90

BİM October 13 DISCOUNT LIST OF LISTWhat is that?

BİM November 13 announced a list of discounted products. The list included cookies, juices and chocolates this week. The favorite product from the list is Simbat pine nuts. Simbat brand 500 grams of black walnut package 34 pounds sold at 95 cents.

Other products and prices on the BİM discount list are as follows:

The BİM Discount Discount List includes roasted hazelnuts that you can consume with your family in your home. Simbat brand 500 grams of hazelnuts is 22.95 TL.

BİM has also prepared a list of product discounts for diet this week. As a product of interest to those who make the diet on the Musli Oetker list 450 grams is 12.95 TL.

In the list of BİM discount products, there are also Lays chips that you can enjoy while watching movies in front of evening TV. For those who like chips, there is also Le Cola.

Crude Coconut Mix Simbat 200 grams 11.95, Salted Coconut Mix Simbat 200 grams 4.95 TL, Grilled Potato Sauce Patito XXL 270 grams 4.45 TL, Peanut with Jalapeno Tasty Funny Nuts 150 grams 3.75 TL, Spicy / Spicy Chips sets 83 grams 2.95 TL, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Buono 100 g 4.95 TL, All Bademli Bitter Chocolate Good 80 grams 3.95 TL, Chocolate Buono with Cherry Blend 100 g 3.95 TL, Orange Gorge / Sugar Unrefined Milk Chocolate Good 100 grams 3.95 TL, Harnup Pie 800 grams 8.45 TL, Tahin Serel 500 grams 9.95 TL, Mixed Fruity Flavor Soda Finike 6×250 ml 4.95 TL, 3 & ü 1 u 1 Vip Coffee 18 gx 20 pcs 7.25 TL, 100% Meysu 1 liter lettuce, 4.75 TL, carbonated Le Cola sugar 1.5 liters, 2.25 TL, carbonated drinks Le Cola without Sugar 330 ml 1, 25 TL, Natural Mineral Water Drink Rival 250 ml 1,50 TL, Lemon / Chef Aromatized Ice Tea Teatone 330 ml 0,95 TL.

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