Friday , August 6 2021

Bitcoin's prediction price of the world famous Turkish professor – According to Emin Gun Sirer, Cornell's Information Officer and Defense Advisor Bitcoin, Bitcoin and Crypto Coins can not have a market value of $ 1 trillion until certain conditions are met. The expert believes that with the development of the industry, the crypto winter will end the sonunda.

Emin Gun Sirer Announces Bitcoin Catalysts and Rally Crypto Coins

Sirer recently wrote on Twitter that the crypto money market exceeded $ 700 billion, which is related to the seemingly long-term set of 2017, with "naturally continuous technologies of sir. While some were convinced that 1 trillion dollars for coffin coins would be held shortly, the market was openly withdrawn. Emin Gun Sirer gave the following statement:


The crypto will be over. Of course, we've reached $ 700 billion with technologies that are not scalable. When scaling crypto issues are solved, we will have a market value of $ 1 trillion when we begin to see examples of real use and decentralized solutions.

However, according to Sirera, a potentially scalable solution, such as Lightning Network or Ethereum's proof of share; increasing unmanageable solutions, thus reducing the risk of fracture. Furthermore, according to Sirera, practical use cases that bring the tide of net positive results to the community "can give the market hope to recover again in the end.

Can Bitcoin exceed $ 1 trillion with an event halved by half?

Sirer said that the crypto currencies market requires technical development that should exceed $ 1 trillion. PlanB, an industry researcher, recently claimed that reducing blockage by 2020 could be the only catalyst that will keep BTC above $ 50,000. As previously reported by Kriptokoin, the analyst said he expected the total value of all BTCs to reach $ 1 trillion.

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Can Bitcoin bring true freedom?

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Although $ 55,000 for every BTC makes it unreasonable for most people, PlanB writes that billionaires and institutional investors looking for silver, gold, negative interest economies, authoritarian and anti-capitalist states, and a quantitative risk protection period will ultimately get into this territory. This in itself may seem like a definite dream, but some are certain that it will probably increase, especially in the presence of speculators seeking high inflation, financial mismanagement and alternative investment opportunities. gelişu be informed about the last moment of development twitterin Coming up, Facebook such as our site i telegram Join our channel!

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