Monday , July 26 2021

Bloody executions were recorded in a few seconds

The incident happened today at the gas station in the Mustafa Kemal district on Ismail Sivri Street. According to data obtained, 27-year-old Umut Ozdemir while standing at a gas station, a 21-year-old N.A. he threw Özdemir on his back for a reason he could not have been determined yet. Gas station employees who saw the incident, 112 health and police teams reported. Ozdemir, health teams who come to the call of the State Hospital Seyfi Demirsoy. Ozdemir was treated here, despite the intervention, it was not possible to save him. An unlucky young person, after examining a state attorney to make an autopsy morgue, Izmir Forensic Bureau of Medicine was removed.


On the other hand, as part of an investigation initiated on the incident, police teams started working on the capture of suspect N.A. In addition, teams in the gas station site to examine security cameras. As a result of the study, N.A. Umut Özdemir fired the other moments when the images came up. After the Ozdemira stitch, N.A. The police were caught by the police. Arrested N.A. to be questioned, was transferred to the Homeland Security Office of Homicide Murder.

The investigation is underway.

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