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Bursa announced today … A Bursagaz has sold – Bursa News – Regional News

Azerbaijan's national oil company, SOCAR, continues unpaid investments in Turkey. SOCAR; and refineries, petrochemicals, oil and oil pipelines. The company bought natural gas distribution companies Bursa and Kayseri from German EWE.

This is today …

Huge debts in Bursagaz!

Flash development in Bursagaz! Exits German div

SOCAR Turkey's largest foreign direct investor, the German energy company EWE AG, EWE Turkey Holding Turkey is doing its business and the group bought the company.

12 years, Turkey's natural gas that was a major project Six Trans-Anatolian Pipeline Turks and Azerbaijan (TANAP) in partnership with SOCAR participated in natural gas transmission in Turkey to be used in the distribution of natural gas after buying Turkey's sheep. The procurement process will be completed after the approval of the Competition Agency, the Energy Regulatory Authority (EMRA) and the Information and Communication Technology (ICTA) Directorate. Is it going to end the investment chain in Turkey's natural gas distribution Expressing one of the keys President SOCAR Rovnag Abdullayev, Azerbaijan's global brand SOCAR, since 2013, Turkey exports a yearly natural gas sales of 1.2 billion cubic meters to the market. Our TANAP project, Azerbaijan from us also provide transmission of incoming natural gas. Ewa Turkey's acquisition of the end of the entire ring of natural gas chain generation-transmission-distribution in Turkey, which is commercially important, is a strategic step. the synergy that will be created, Turkey and Azerbaijan economy In the coming period, we will continue to evaluate other market opportunities, "he said.


Turkey started working on the market in 2007. Ewe Turkey's Holding, Energy, Bursasaz in Natural Gas Distribution and Telecommunications, Kayserigaz EnerVista, worked with EWE Energy and Millenica. BURSAGAZ and Kayserigaz, the fourth largest gas supplier to Turkey from EWE Turkey Holding, reached almost 2.4 billion worth of consolidated turnover by the end of 2017.

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