Monday , May 17 2021

Büyükerşen took his mazbatasını, gave the first instruction

Mayor of Eskişehir Yılmaz Büyükerşen, Mayor of Odunpazarı Kazım Kurt and mayor Tepebaşı Ahmet Ataç today took mazebas. The mayors of the provincial electoral board received the statements of the Palace of Justice.

In accordance with the instructions

Mayor Büyükerşen, a mazbatalarının last week could be delivered but in vain by holding a statement, the day after the election, who lost the electoral candidates, in turn congratulated the deputies. Then they began to complain about the instructions. Time spent in terms of service is a small loss. In the last 5 years, most of the AKP was in the Velabrad municipal assembly. This is the era of most of us and I think we will find a more comfortable working environment. Everyone watched what was good in the last 5 years and followed it. And the ballot list gave the answer



When President Büyükerşen made the House of Justice, he issued a command and showed the Ataturk statue he gave as a gift. Büyükerşen said, and I got Mazbatam. My first instruction will be the restoration of the Ataturk statue, which has erosion in front of the Palace of Justice.


Büyükerşen promised to increase investment in rural areas during the electoral process. Büyükerşen, adding another new project to support rural areas, will establish support centers for farmers with the short name DİDEM in Eskişehir with the aim of supporting agriculture and livestock farming in Eskişehir, good agriculture and realization of the real production models. The lame president will play an important role in rural development, where veterinary and agricultural engineers will work in the area of ​​livestock farming and agriculture. Büyükerşen, village support in the upcoming period will continue to increase by expressing, farmers to support vegetable seedlings, small cattle donations promised to continue more.


Odunpazarı mayor Kazim Kurt, in the electoral period, 5 kindergartens in 5 years, and once again elected to open another 100 nurseries promised.


Mayor Tepebaşı Kazim Kurt at the ceremony after removing the badge of the Republican badge in the CHP, he said. President Ataç said that they wanted to expand the activities of the Rural Development Committee and the National Oversight Council, which during the electoral process underlined the importance of rural development, and stressed that festivals such as Seed Takas will be more intensively implemented. Promising that local producers will be supported, and cooperating with cooperatives will be further strengthened, Atac said that sheep production will be improved by milk production.

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