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By this method, patients with COPD breathe

Acıbadem Kayseri Specialist for Breast Surgery Prof. Prof. Dr. Dr. Bayram Metin, a bronchoscopic method for reducing the volume of valve or coil emfizem use in lungs in COPD patients, is now more comfortable breathing and improves the quality of life, he said.

COPD illness, associated with smoking, caused shortness of breath and chronic coughs, causing narrowing of the airway. Dr. As the disease progresses, the air is trapped in the lungs due to narrowing of the airways, and air bubbles that do not work fill the lungs, causing the lungs to become unoperable, resulting in a fully flattened diaphragm that separates the abdominal cavity and chest cavity and is considered the main breathing muscle. the patient's breathing capacity has been greatly reduced because it has lost mobility, "he said.

Valve or coil methods have been introduced in an advanced stage

In early stages of emphysema, as well as recommendations for cessation of smoking for patients, it has been noted that commonly used methods of treatment with nebulis and inhaler. Dr. The text states that the methods of surgical and bronchoscopic reduction of volume to reduce the area of ​​emphysema caused by the breast pressure increase in the fourth stage, referred to as the advanced stage of the patient, have come into the agenda.

The most commonly used methods of decreasing the bronchial volume are Valve (Valve) and Koil (Intelligent Spiral Wave) methods. Dr. "These methods are basically conducted using a light-tube tube through the mouthpiece of the mouth, which means that the body of the patient has no cuts for these applications, which are performed on average for 45 minutes," he said.

Better use of healthy areas

Since COPD is an irreversible disease, it is said that the volume reduction methods do not completely eliminate the disease and the patient should continue with the drug after the procedure. Dr. "However, as a result of the procedure, the work areas of the lungs are better used, and the patient's oxygen demand and the amount of medication dramatically diminish." .

Before the surgery the patient has to stop smoking

Assuming that the method was applied to a patient prior to the procedure for pulmonary tomography, Prof. Dr. The text adds that the method does not apply to non-smokers.

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