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Cancer of stomach kicks men! | Health News

It is reported that the most common cause of stomach cancer is between 60-70 Anadolu Medical Center, Medical Oncology Specialist. Dr. Feref Kömürcü said, ada Gastrointestinal cancer is an important part of cancer-related deaths in the world.

In the United States and Western European countries, the prevalence of this disease has decreased with eating habits and environmental factors. If the stomach cancer in Turkey is very wide. In Japan, although this cancer is most common, due to advanced early screening methods and public awareness of this issue, mortality rates associated with stomach cancer have decreased considerably.


He stressed that cancer of the stomach is a type of cancer that is usually rapidly developing and expanding rapidly to distant organs. Dr. It is therefore difficult to identify them in the early stages. However, 20 percent was observed at an early stage. Usually it starts in the stomach as a nail and can affect the surrounding lymph nodes and organs. Stomach can be spread through the neighborhood, lymph or blood. It can stretch from the inner part of the stomach to external organs such as the pancreas, the esophagus or the gut. In addition, cancer cells may spread with blood to the liver, lungs, bones, and other organs


The emphasis on spreading stomach cancer is usually a disease. Dr. Kömürcü said, and so, it gives pretty late symptoms and the symptoms are not specific to the disease. The most common initial symptom of certain uncomfortable discomfort in the abdomen in the abdomen. In the advanced stages of the disease, the most common symptoms are weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness, difficulty swallowing, nausea, vomiting, stomach and stomach upset. Stating that sometimes the stomach cancer is only observed with hidden bleeding. Dr. Kömürcü said, some of the patients present with advanced findings of the disease such as liver growth, accumulation of fluid in the abdomen or jaundice. In later stages it can cause lymph nodes to grow above the left bone bones İleri.


sex: This is twice as common in men as in women.

age: Most patients with gastric cancer have 60 or more years.

nutrition: This is the most commonly defined diet form among the risk factors. The risk of developing cancer of the stomach increases with those who eat foods that are rich in smoked foods, contain nitrites or are too salty. On the other hand, intake of fresh vegetables and fruits, carotene intake and high vitamin C dose can protect this disease.

Helicobacter pylori infection (HP) infection: HP is usually bacterial in the stomach. HP infection increases the risk of gastritis, cancer and cancer. This infection is identified as a 6 times higher risk of stomach cancer.

Smoking: Smokers have a greater risk of stomach cancer than non-smokers.

Family Story: A rare type of stomach cancer is family.

Other reasons: Causes of inflammation in the stomach and stomach can cause stomach cancer. Also included are obesity, chronic atrophic gastritis, reflux, family polyps, dangerous anemia, radiation, aflatoxin and blood group A.

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