Sunday , April 11 2021

Claim that the event will be created! & # 39; Pictures of Acun Ilıcalı and Deren Talu … & # 39;

Burhan Akdağ, a famous journal, told Safa Görkem Aktaş SuperHabera. Surprising everyone with a sudden decision, split Acun Ilıcalı and Şeyma Subaşı separating the image of Akdag, Acun Ilıcalıja Deren Talu, said.

Burhan Akdag Famous magazine interview about part as follows:

! & # 39 ;! VAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have commented on your social media account on the separation of Acun Ilıcalı and Şeyma Subaşı. What about the charges?

I heard that Acun Ilıcalı was together with Deren Touba 1-1.5 months ago. You hear, but you can not write anything. One friend from London had photos of Acuna and Deren together. I did not get the photos. I would have another job. But I had no doubt that it was a divorce at once. There is no smoke from the fire. Why did you divorce if the news is wrong?

Why did not you get the photos?

I wanted this from a friend, but they were afraid to give me the photos. I could write without a name. But writing without a document is not ethical to me.

Şeyma Subaşı and Çağatay Ulusoy have a lawsuit.

Obviously I learned from Twitter. Why not? In the end, I think Şeyma heard that his wife Acun made such a flirty thing, she would do something like this.

If he did, he did it all right. So why would a woman take a wife to do this when she learned to resist her husband?

I know that many women are cheating until they realize they are cheated. He's cheating him. She was her lover or her husband. It's not important.

You criticize the indifferent attitude of Şeyma Subaşı through his social media account.

She wakes up in the morning before going to court, good morning looking at the throat for the followers. Does Şeyma Subasi know the afternoon court? Or go to court that day and leave the man you've been marrying for years! Let's go this one After a court, you continue to share in social media as if nothing had happened. People think: "Where did I go wrong? If you do not appear on social media for 1-2 days, millions of followers will not leave you, but tomorrow will not be the next day." Monthly receivables are 125,000 TL of alimony, also traveling 4 years a year. We've seen businessmen crowned overnight. Maybe they will not get that money tomorrow.

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