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Deutsche Bank says fla! Date for collection

31/01/2019 13:10

Last update: 31/01/2019 at 13:10

The scandals of the interested parties and the financial crisis, came back to Deutsche Bank, which is known for the lawsuits for the merger.


Deutsche Bank's German financial giant Deutsche Bank will join another German Bankas Commerzbank. Deutsche Bank, which is in the process of restructuring after a change of senior management, will press the button in the middle of the German Ministry of Finance to implement the table scenario if there are no signs of recovery in 3 months.

Commerzbank will be purchased or merged

Over the past few weeks, Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank of the German Finance Ministry have come to the conclusion of the scenarios. Two merger plans were made, so that one of them would buy Commerzbank Deutsche bank, the state would get a share in the financing bank, while the other would lead to the merger of two giants.

According to recent claims, the effect of Deutsche Bank will be activated mid-year, assessing the possibilities of the German Finance Ministry if there is no improvement in the first three months of 2019.

Without explanation by the parties, but the opinions are sklat

While banks and the German government are silent on the alleged allegations, the fact that the German finance minister Olaf Scholz and the executives of the two banks are pushing for these allegations.

In the third quarter of this year, Deutsche Bank posted a net profit of 229 million euros, which is 65 percent less than the same period last year. Banks' shares have lost more than 50 percent in 2018.

The bank, which used to be a symbol of the German financial market, brought me a German bank in April this year, after an unexpected change in top management, following British executives. Having played in Deutsche Bank and stealing more than 30 years of banking games, Christian Sewing was elected CEO of Bank Restructuring.

The Germans begin to be an embarrassing name for the bank

Among the alternatives are experts, the Deutsche Bank itself, but one of the smaller banks in Germany, Commerzbank, as well as a bank that invests together with private investors in the capital and bank activities and significantly reduces the activity between the alternatives.

Experts pointing out that the merger of Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank will lead to a monopoly in the financial sector, the capitalization of the German state would mean that the credit risk of the bank was imposed on German nationals.

The name of the German bank was also measured in German public opinion. "German-German" on behalf of the bank, bank card due to improper business "" German "brand is polluted, so" Deutsche "need to remove the term.

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