Sunday , May 16 2021

Expecting the Parabolic Movement in Bitcoin – – According to data released by the Global Power Indicator (GTI), a significant increase in Bitcoin volume was recorded.

According to the Global Power Indicator (GTI), Bitcoin can now enter parabolic phase Bit or be ready for another drop.


Bitcoin is currently in the process of fighting $ 5,000, and in this war it seems to be often successful, but the next level of resistance gives much more resistance to $ 6,000.

GTI, a tool that measures Bitcoin volatility, shows that Bitcoin is currently showing the same levels as in December 2017 and currently buys significantly more.

This was explicitly quoted by marketing analyst Bloomberg Mike McGlone, who recalled all the time that they had reached the final level.

The market was so embarrassed that it had to break out from anywhere and gave it. The bird came out of the cage. Now this is a matter of time, and when you have such a big balloon, people who always have to sell will stand there as an exaggeration. Of course, that makes me worried

David Tawil, the president of the ProChain Capital Fund's crypto hedge, said the price increase in Bitcoin could be considered a positive move but not viable:

"Of course, the investor would rather see a gradual rise to a steady terrain, unlike a very rapid growth."

As Brandt reported, he suggested that Bitcoin could be at the edge of the parabolic phase, similar to its meteoric rise in 2017, and not without any shortage.

However, as they say, the growing thing must fall and it is just as accurate as the physics for crypto money market. Bitcoin's price history can be seen through multiple cycles of bulls and bears. Generally, although the price increase continues for a certain time, inevitable stagnation is at all times.

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