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export import smoking rate at the peak of history

The Turkish Statistical Institute (TurkStat) Ministry of Trade October and January-October period to ensure that the relationship between temporary foreign trade statistics Ackland.

Thus, exports rose by 13 percent to $ 15 billion, or $ 719 million, compared to the same period in October, while imports fell by 23.8 percent to $ 16 billion to $ 176 million. During this period the trade deficit fell by 93.8 percent to $ 456 million.

Exports and imports, which amounted to 65.6 percent in the same period last year, rose to 97.2 percent in the same period this year. With this performance, the export profit rate has risen to the highest level in its history since 1988 when the series was calculated.


GCM Investigative Investigator Enver Erkan told the subject, the trade has seen a contraction compression since August as a result of the current surplus in August and September.

Erkan, d continued the current surplus in October with the downturn in the trading corner, stating that "current export and import trends in import imports have also increased the export rate, but by the end of the year, we expect the current trend of the current account continuation found in the evaluation.

Erkan stressed that exchange rate and parity levels would be important for the next year, adding that a higher value of TL or more US $ / dollar could have a more restrictive role on exports.


Investment Director Banu Kvci Tokal also said that the same level of trade deficit reached $ 46 million below expectations in the same month. level of $ 67.2 billion. " He said.

Tokal is expected to keep its annual trend of slowing down trade, slowing growth rates, slowing foreign exchange and later impact on core performance, and will end the year at $ 58 billion. said he had predicted that they could land.

Token, in addition to gold and energy, power shrinkage continued to grow, stating that mays, 12 months from the "core", maintained the trend of maintaining the cold.

Exports of imports and exports in October in October with a fast growth in exports and growth of 97.6 percent in October recorded Tokal, "Altn and non-energy export / import of oregans in 2016, compared to 79.4 percent in 2017 to 81.1 percent "This year we were following this year in a strong growth trend and reaching 91.8% this year." she lives.


AA Financial Analyst and economist Haluk Bürümcekçi said that the deficit was realized in the same period in October, negatively affecting the balance of trade in the energy group; said it was the lowest value since February 2010.

Bürümcekçi stated that the trend of trade exchange is very strong and that signals coming from import subgroups attract a negative picture from the point of view of investment, production and domestic demand.

Bürümcekçi made the following estimates:

"Capital goods imports recorded a strong annual growth of 34.9 percent, imports of consumer goods declined by 50.2 percent over a period of 5 months, and imports of intermediate products fell by 17.3 percent to 17.3 percent on imports of energy and gold, on the other hand, the import of non-energy products and gold (based on the euro) fell strongly compared to the previous month, at 22.7 percent on an annual basis. the risks are balanced.

Signal signals for D; gold exports will increase the import of energy will remain on the rise, the gold trade base effect pro … Exporter of our soldiers watch from the leading kadaryl data muscle moon, data of the Turkish exporters' group, export (excluding gold) increased star base (about 8 percent) gösterebilece je düündür. However, the negative impacts of energy imports will continue to be observed. This is in favor of the impact of the resource base of profitable trade. We expect to have a clearer insight into customs data that will be open to Aralko. After trading data D, we believe that the balance of the current account in the same month could be worth more than $ 2 billion. Last year, the current account deficit amounted to $ 3.8 billion. Thus, the last 12 months of a current account deficit, $ 40 billion may fall to the level.


Investment expert Seda Yalçnkaya Özer, the export and import of the same rate, rose to 97.2 percent in October, stating that "export export rate, the last 65.6 percent of the same export of the same export, will therefore fall to a drop in imports in the forthcoming the period to be effective in that field said.

Özer pointed out that the trade balance would continue to provide a current surplus. the terms used.

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