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Famous singer İdo Tatlıses went to the military

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Born in the association of Ibrahim Tatlises with Dery Tun, Ido Tatlises surrendered to the barracks, taking advantage of expensive military service. Anyone without a beard did not go unnoticed.

Ido Tatlıses, the son of Ibrahim Tatlıses, who captured the great exit with his songs, went to the army taking advantage of the price. Ido's version with short hair and no beard was admired by his followers.

"HAYIRLI Barrows"

İdo Tatlıses, who surrendered to the barracks, did not forget to take pictures with the soldiers. An İdo follower shared the photos on social networks: "Short hair and a beard are good to go. A good teskesler." used the phrase.


İdo Tatlıses was born on February 15, 1992 in Istanbul. Originally from lanlıurfalı. His real name is Abraham. The name Ibrahim, the son of Ibrahim's Tatlises and Dery Tun, is abbreviated, and his nickname is Ido, meaning the son of Ibrahim and Dery. İdo Tatlıses completed her education at College du Leman in Switzerland.

After graduating from the Performing Arts Department at Beykent University, İdo went to Berklee, one of the few music schools in Boston, USA, for 15 months. In 2014, İdo took the first step into the world of music with their single Son Sonsuz Thanks You iyle. One of the most popular songs of the period, the single was the biggest testament to its success in this field. Then İdo Tatlıses introduced another song called Row Row. In 2015, he recorded a series of songs entitled Kaç How Many Times and Love Bunun Adı ı. In 2016, Ido was also introduced to the television world, becoming the commercial face of Mc Donald for the first time. She then appeared in the TV series Aşk Kapıda which aired on Show TV screens.

Famous singer İdo Tatlıses went to the military

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