Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Fragman's new episodes of the Çukur series have been released

TV screens on the screen appeared, and millions of Cukur's audience in the episode episode episode that is expected to be a great season.


The expected new episode of the Cukur series, produced by Ay Yapım, was released. The jam sequence stopped the breath with a new episodic fragment.


Morning, the second episode of the second season came to the screen. Yamaç is determined not to allow Ersou to follow him. He brought some secrets with a new piece of information he could learn while he was still shaking and taking intelligence from him. And these secrets made time difficult on the slope. Vartolu did not give up on reaching Saadet and trying to reach the woman he likes and his or her child. However, he wondered how much Vartol would work for Karakus hiding from the slope. The emotionally charged event in Çukuru brought it all together. To see the slopes of the slope of the screen slope on your head "The old days of the pit will turn?" Sordurdu question. Cumali's later years, his father Idris and Sultan appeared before the sultan to watch the audience. Cumali's step was a new and great hope for Kochovci.

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