Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Gram began a day with a golden day

The gold price of gold was balanced at 203.1 pounds after the start of the last trading day of the week.

Despite the fall in the dollar exchange rate despite yesterday's gain of up to 202.2 pounds per gram of gold, with a fall of 0.74 per cent compared to the previous day's previous closure of 203.4 pounds.

Today, the gold gram begins to fall by 10.15 percent from the previous closing up to 0.15 pounds the buyer finds. In the Grand Bazaar the quarter gold is 332 TL, while republic gold sold 1,359 lira.

The Asian market, followed by the horizontal flow of gold, is traded at $ 1.223.9 in the next few minutes immediately below the previous closing.

Analyst AA Finance, Islam Memis, said gold grain found the strength of US property to shrink and said it was technically necessary to close more than $ 1.227 to continue to grow under the ounce.

Memiş said that depreciation of the dollar's dollar in the country had a negative impact on the gold price of gold. Memiş said that gold should break down 202 pounds down to continue the price drop in grams.

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