Thursday , September 19 2019
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Hakan Hatipoğlu will increase tension.

The survivors of Hakan Hatipoğlu announced his name in the contest, speaking to Fazil Sayo about his controversy: "I did not remove Fazil Say, but he blocked me." That is a very funny situation, and the keyboard has prevented me as children. " He said.

Hakan Hatipoglu continued his presentation:


"Our daughter's account stops, but we never use it, she has 80,000 followers, we did not share any photos, our followers grew up when we heard the news, and our daughter looks like me, we did not share a photo of our daughter. for example, someone has written "Let your child make you disabled …" while you are in the competition. If a child is born, , but God gives me such a child, then we need to look at him from God.


"Fazıl Say know me, my sister and I have whatsapp groups, I did not say it to them, a very important artist, someone we follow, I did not break with her" What is your profession? "Answer to those who do not know me They are asking people around Fazil Say is a great artist, he is the last president to speak to us, and the saying he is saying is very beautiful. "I have a sign of Fazil Say's behavior, but he has prevented me. reconciliation. So I got closer to our president, "he said.

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