Tuesday , September 17 2019
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He has come down from the steering wheel of his airport!

One of the world's largest companies worth $ 1 trillion, the Amazon's giant Amazon e-commerce, has put on its sleeves its own air.

Jeff Bezos, Chief Executive Officer of the Amazons, who participated in the airport building ceremony, to be built in the US town of Kentucky, Cincinnati, also gave a start to build an airport that is expected to cost 1.5 billions of dollars. If you guess it's fun to ride, you're right, people say Bezos, for the construction machine steering and symbolically start construction work.

Bezos, who shared this symbolic ceremony of the revolutionary work he was doing on Twitter, said: "We are investing $ 1.5 billion into our new airfield so you can get your packages faster. It will be 3 million square feet and will open jobs for 2,000 people


Jeff Bezos, the wealthiest person in the world with over $ 150 billion in personal wealth, said, "This hub will allow us to deliver our customers faster packets, reducing delivery time to Amazon Prime for one to two days."

Focusing on expedited delivery deadlines to reduce e-commerce costs, Amazon has built a 50-year lease for 900 acres in 2017 from Cincinnati International Airport (Northern Kentucky).

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