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How many billionaires are billions of years old?

Many rich people around the world are telling their story when it comes to "winning the first $ 1 million." Steve Siebold, who wrote a book on How rich people think in the arena as a result of his interviews with the 1200 richest people in the world, says that after reaching the $ 1 million certificate, people are releasing a significant part of their fears and worries and earning the next million. According to Siebola, while earning the first $ 1 million, "mental stiffness" greatly contributes to the conquest of the next million dollars. In addition, the confidence of $ 1 million wealth leads to wealth becoming even richer.

Rich make tremendous efforts to earn their first million dollars. Perhaps in the next period they continue to work intensively, but as it is said in our country, money is attracting money. Many articles and books have been written about how to make the first million dollars and are likely to continue to be written. How long have the richest people in the world been doing to earn their first million dollars?


Today, 65 of the 100 richest people in the world have built their wealth from scratch. The remaining 35 have become billionaires through inheritance or marriage. Out of these 65 people, the fastest winners of $ 1 million were those who worked in the telecommunications sector with 3 years. The technology sector followed this with 4.8 years. The average rate of millionaires in many rich building sectors in our country was 15 years.

The billionaires in telecoms business have become the fastest millionaire
It's time to earn the first million dollarssector
3 yearsTelekom
4.8 yearstechnology
5.2 yearsmining
5.8 yearsreal estate
6 yearsvarious
7.5 yearsautomotive
8.4 yearsenergy
9.5 yearsmedia
9.5 yearsgambling
10 yearsfinance
10 yearsservice
11.2 yearsfood
14.3 yearsTextile and fashion
15 yearsconstruction
16.3 yearsManufacturing

Of those 65 billion, 25 of them have won 0-5 years, 20 6-10 years, 16 11-16 years, and 4 of them earned their first million dollars in 17-25 years. 65 billion has become the average 36-year-old millionaire. It started a job that enriched them at the age of 27. In other words, those people who have billions of dollars of wealth today are on average 9 years to earn their first million dollars. On the other hand, the fact is that the internet age has increased the speed of becoming a millionaire. The wealthiest man in the world, the founder of Amazons Jeff Bezos, became a millionaire within 3 years after the company was founded. Jack Ma, the founder of Alibebe, did not need to become a millionaire for a year. Thus, the 25 richest people become millionaires:


In addition, the 65 richest people who built their own wealth from the start, have set up their own company to enrich them on the average at the age of 27 and become a millionaire at the age of 36. In other words, billionaires have earned the first million dollars for nine years.

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