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How to Read WhatsApp Deleted Messages

Recently, WhatsApp has brought up the update that deletes unintentionally sent messages. However, the limit for messages that can be deleted is set.
For example, users can only delete the messages they send in the last hour. This prevents the deletion of the entire message history.

However, there is no overriding solution to recover deleted messages. This solution is based on WhatsApp is backing up at full 2 ​​night on many phones. Although there are different backup clock options, midnight selection makes it easy to work with this solution.


If your friend deleted the message you sent and want to read, just clear WhatsApp from your phone and install it again. As soon as you complete this message, you will be backed up by the message history, so you will be able to see the deleted message.

This is because the application continues to store deleted messages. When your message is sent while you are online, you'll see a warning that this message is deleted from the rievrimiç.

Therefore, the message remains stored in the phone memory even if it has been deleted from the conversation history. For this reason, if you activate the backup, you will no longer see the deleted messages.

However, backing up can cause some problems. For example, if you back up your phone, some of your messages may be lost.


On the other hand, this solution will not be available for long. WhatsApp has begun to develop a solution to overcome this problem.
Another way to see deleted messages is to use an app that can be downloaded through your Android phone. While WhatsApp deletes messages about deleted messages, such tertiary applications can store sent messages without deleting them.

However, it may be very dangerous to allow such applications to access your phone, and thus your personal information.


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