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"In 2050, antimicrobial resistance can last 10 million lives a year"

Burcu Cinar, a member of the Steering Board of the Turkish Hospital Infectious and Control Association, said that if the rate of antibiotic resistance continues to increase at this rate, it is estimated that 10 million people will die each year for antimicrobial resistance in 2050 and say " This rate is much higher than the rates of those who died of cancer, "he said.

According AA; Cinar said that 700,000 people lost their lives each year because of resistance to antibiotics, Turkey said one of the countries with the highest rates of antibiotic resistance.

Avoid unnecessary and unconscious use of antibiotics, he said, "if the situation in the near future can last, he said.

Sycamore, antimicrobial resistance caused by microorganisms that are resistant to unnecessary and incorrect use of antibiotics; should affect public health, due to economic costs over the last few years, explaining that at the start of the most pressing problems of the global health agenda, "Turkey is the second country at the highest levels of antimicrobial resistance in the world. We are the first act at the same time as antibiotic consumption. These data, even as the problems in antimicrobial resistance are great. "rating.

Burca Cinar, "With rising rates of resistance in the coming years, the options available for treating infections are inevitably diminishing or disappearing." He added that resistance to antibiotics leads to increased disease and death, as well as additional costs such as long-term hospital stay, additional diagnostic tests, medicines, medical supplies, and infection control measures.


Burcu Cinar, a board member of the Turkish Hospitals for Infection and Control, said: "If the rate of resistance continues to increase at this rate, it is estimated that 10 million people will die each year due to antimicrobial resistance in 2050. This rate is much higher than the rate those who have died from cancer.The Turkish Economic Policy Research Foundation in the economic analysis conducted by our country is provided $ 1.4 billion will be spent on treating these infections in 2050. we will respect the country's budget is still growing unabated for resistant bacterial infections Antibiotics are one of the most effective measures to be taken against antimicrobial resistance In many countries, international and national antibiotic use reduction programs have been in place for many years, with 20 percent of antibiotics in hospitals and other health centers, while 80 percent of healthcare providers prescribe or They buy direct non-prescription consumers almost half of the antibiotic which are issued without prescription are used improperly and unnecessarily and have no effect on the treatment of infections but only increase resistance to antibiotics.


In recent years Burcu nınar has stated that the focus of preventive strategies not only reduces the use of antibiotics alone, but also reduces resistance rates through procedures aimed at removing all other causes of resistance. campaign.

The Worldwide Scope of United Nations Health Care and Support with Antimicrobial Resistance to an International Campaign Launched by the Coalition Against Patient and Health Care Worker Safety is an antimicrobial resistance work under a roof umbrella group in Turkey in the last trimester of 2018 to increase the use of antibiotic awareness of "antibiotics or Consciousness Developing or Resisting "awareness campaign triggered Cinar transfer, provided the following information:

"The campaign was launched at The aim of the site is to focus attention on the roles and effects of healthcare professionals, professional organizations, ministerial bodies, health care facilities and AMD family of patients. the stories of many specialist doctors. "


Only the use of antibiotics recommended by the physician, the symptoms should be completed early, even if the treatment period and should not be used without prescription antibiotics Burcu Cinar, finished his speech with the following warnings: "Correct use of antibiotics to raise awareness of In all areas where health care is provided, the hands of health workers play an important role in spreading resistant microorganisms from patient to patient or the environment.In addition, the creation of antibiotic management programs is a key element in the prevention of antibiotic resistance in agriculture and livestock production. in hospitals In dictation, proper antibiotic intervention, proper drug use, and full compliance with other rational antibiotic applications in the program are very important for preventing antimicrobial resistance.

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