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Is the yard 23 in the air? Sea comes to death!

In the yard of Section 22; Maritime gas escaping from a prison in his stinging eyes took away Alp, which led to his daughter's murder. In the back of the yard; The Sea, blinking by the pain of her daughter, lacks the hands of Ecem's lost, is the worst to pay for it, and put out the fire in the heart of the Alp! However, after a long struggle there is a great danger of trying to escape from the prison house and wait for Alpa's death and locate it on the spot. Deniz was fired and eternally abused daughter Ecem's grave at the beginning of the grave after death with part of the 23 episodes is expected in curiosity and excitement. So, did Deniz's 23rd episode be released after taking a tiny line between life and death?


The television screen stars in the impressive and impressive parts of the episode 23 trailer trailer have not yet been released. However, if it is published, the content of our news will be shared with the audience.

The last part of the yard


Cast consists of successful players such as Demet Evgar, Ceren Moray, Nursel Köse and Kenan Ece. Star TV on Thursday, December 6th That will be.

twelfth episode of trailer

What happened in the last episode of the AVLU?

In the back of the yard; On the other hand, the man he likes, Sinan lost Azra … On the other hand, his son, the alpine. Inside, everyone is wondering where and when a big bomb explodes. While waiting in the corridors of the prison, different female steps are heard.

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