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Istanbul and Ankara scare earthquake warning!

Gazi University Earthquake Application and Research Center Assoc. Dr. Bulent Ozmen, DHA said on Jan. 1, 2019, effective in Turkey Earthquake Hazard Map "with radical changes that have occurred in Turkey reported. With a new map, especially for Istanbul's "1. Degree 2, Degree 3, "said that the regions that had lifted Özmen, the new map, were closely linked to the existing one and needed to be done," he said.

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Özmen, a new earthquake hazard map and a new building will be made in accordance with the parameters taken from this map and an earthquake will be reported. Özmen noted that the determination of existing and retrofitted buildings would be made in accordance with these folders. "Urban transformation studies are now on the agenda. The Minister of Environment and Urbanization has also announced an action plan. The risky buildings identified by urban transformation will now be determined in accordance with this map.


Özmen said that the new map for Istanbul contained dangerous areas of the Marmara Sea districts. "When we compare the points closest to the Marmara Sea from Silivri to Tuzla with the old map, we see that the risk of an earthquake is very high. This is very important for the expected earthquake in Istanbul." The buildings here are built to withstand 0.3 G soil acceleration. With this map, the maximum acceleration value expected in a possible earthquake in the past was nearly 70 percent. " He said.

"Increased risk of an Ankara earthquake

Ozmen, Cankaya downtown in Ankara, Yenimahalle, Mamak, Kecioren, Etimesgut's old earthquake zones shown on the map of the fourth degree earthquake area and the buildings were made according to a 0.1 G ground acceleration, it was said. Ozmen, "Now, with this new map, the expected earthquake parameters in downtown neighborhoods have increased by close to 50 percent. So, we see that the risk of an earthquake in downtown Ankara is increasing compared to the old map." He said.


Ozmen, Cankiri Cerkes district last Saturday in connection with the earthquake, said: "The earthquakes that occurred in Çankırı occurred in a 30 km long north-south rift that we call" the Dodger fault ". Another reason, 50 percent of Ankara is not solid with respect to the ground . The third reason is that Ankara does not always consider that earthquake buildings were built for it. "

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