Tuesday , January 26 2021

It is about thousands of students: Is there a specific date for applying a KYK scholarship?

KYK scholarships for the candidate's eye results have been translated into a statement! Hundreds of thousands of university students are still exploring when the results of scholarships will be published. The body of Credit Dormitories has not yet commented on this matter. Applications for scholarships received from 16 to 24 October were published on November 16th. This year, from October 15 to 21, e-administration received applications for KYK scholarships. It has been 22 days since the applications were completed. It is expected that this year's eyes will be published for the results of the KYK Credit Dormitories!

Will these results be explained?

Since the results of the KYK contest have been announced within 23 days of last year, it can be anticipated that students from 12 to 13 November will qualify for this year's KYK scholarship.


Students who receive a scholarship for the first time are paid for regular tuition since the beginning of the academic year. These disciples, T.C. according to the last digit of the identification number 6-10. Payment is made between days.


Students who will receive a KYK scholarship are happy for the academic year 2018-2019. Following President Erdogan's statement this year;

Monthly scholarship – loan amount for the academic year 2018-2019,

* $ 500 for language
* 1000 TL for Master
* The doctorate was 1,500 TL.

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