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Lack of B12 affects the nervous system

INCA Specialist for Clinical Neurosurgery Op.Dr. It is important to take precautionary measures against vitamin B12 deficiency that can cause neurological and mental problems if not taken in time. The need for B12 increases during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Lack of B12 it is shown over time and the deficiency is not seen immediately, so I recommend you check it out and take care of it during routine check-ups.

Taking into account that there is an increase of homocysteine ​​levels in the blood in the absence of B12, a specialist in neurosurgery Op.Dr. Kerem Bıkmaz, yüksek High homocysteine ​​is an important risk factor for heart disease. The importance for cardiovascular patients is even greater.


Specialist for Neurosurgery Op.Dr. Kerim Bıkmaz, vitamin B12 prevents nerve damage, ensures cell formation, facilitates normal nerve endings, helps strengthen memory and learns energy metabolism and nerve systemSelf-inflicted In the absence of vision, there is anxiety in the hands and feet, decreased sensation, mental depression and contractions. Increasing the cooking time and the degree of cooking increases the vitamin B12 loss. Especially for those who consume only nutrients on a plant basis, there is a huge loss of vitamins in storing and nourishing nutrients. , Vitamin B12 is not found in vegetable foods.


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