Thursday , February 25 2021

Last minute: 20 million pounds per hectare: Land Bank

"Ponzi System", one of the most commonly used methods of fraud in recent times, this time has darkened the lives of many citizens in Bursa.

"Land investment" with a promise of money from people who collect money from S. I learned that she was a former bank employee and then disappeared after her accent was recorded.

"Banks Buy Their Mortgages"

One of the victims who filed the claim to the plaintiff explained:

"SI was a former banker, resigned and entered into real estate business, so we met through buying houses that banks have already mortgaged without their acquisition and collecting money for houses that are sold below their value. There is no money on it, it buys money from people around the house and buying a house and then selling the house to 250,000 TL, for example, divides 100,000 TL between the people who made the money.

Bursa had a name for a time

S. & # 39; nin raised money from other countries around the country for this method, another victim who explained: "The country of the photo has shown, and then say that 50 thousand TLs took it. After a month is 55 thousand.No , after some time did not pay the middle money. He gave him 30 thousand TL, he did not give me money, but after 1 month 5 thousand, two months later he sent 8 thousand TL.

A member of the Management Board of the Bank is also a victim

It was found that S. claimed over 30 names from Bursa, Istanbul and neighboring provinces, and that one of the members of the public bank committee was among the fraudsters. The victims reported to Burse's state attorney, claiming a 20m-pound earthquake.

He developed his wife and closed the phone

S. I did not pay the citizens money in that process, closed the phones, working at the bank to divorce his wife's speed. After the incident went to the prosecution, S. came back to the victims, the only way to rectify the events was my continuous business life. I can solve these complaints in my work. I can not work if I go to jail.

What is a ponies system?

The Ponce scheme, also known as the Felicity chain (Ponzi scheme), was a fraudulent form of investment for the first time in 1910 Charles Ponzi.

Promising to make an average average profit each time, the system first meets these expectations. In that case, it uses the money of a new investor by paying money to former investors and developing a system bucket.

Ponzi systems never give legitimate investment. Instead, the money investor uses to transfer to each other. If a new investor does not arrive, the system will collapse after some time.

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