Sunday , June 20 2021

Last minute: Burst in a private mine in Zonguldaq: 3 workers

In the explosion of mines in Kilimli district in Zonguldak, 2 workers were hurt, and work on rescuing the remaining 3 workers was started.

According to the information received, the cobbled street of Çamlık Mahallesi in a special quarry has not yet been identified as an explosion.

Evren Cinemre and Adem Alibaş, the wounded workers, were rescued by their colleagues. Rescue workers Kenan Çavuş, Hasan Gençtürk and Uğur Göktaş, who were stranded in the stove, continue.

Turkish Coal Miner Companies from these Mines (TCC) provide support and rescue teams searching and rescue operations.

Evren Cinemre and Adem Alibaş, who were taken to the Zonguldak Atatürk State Hospital after they were burned in their bodies, were life-threatening.

A rescue worker was hit by gas

A worker in the same mine, who participated in search and rescue operations, was hit by gas inside. This worker was taken to the same hospital by medical teams.

On the other hand, the General Organization and Secretary for Training of General Mining Workers (GMIS) and District Police Chief Ömer Seyfi Paça received rescue information.

Worker parents who learned the explosion came to the scene and tried to get information from the authorities.

The governor has given more news

Governor Zonguldaka Erdogan Bektaş, of the remaining 3 workers, "We do not have much hope for their lives, trying to remove it," he said.

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