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Last minute devr Passenger bus overturned! Dead and wounded

The event, at 00.00 hours, Hasdal-Kemerburgaz took place in Göktürk. According to information received from a private company between Antalya and Istanbul, the bus was canceled for reasons that have not yet been established. As a result of burial, the passengers stayed on the bus. 112, police and firefighters reported immediately. Teams on buses left in rescue started.



Teams from the point of view of the bus to a venue after the first intervention to citizens in various hospitals were removed. Two people in the ambulance here, despite all the interventions, could not be saved. It was learned that 3 out of 21 passengers were heavy.


The dog liked the place

He's the dog lying on the ground. Among the allegations that the bus crashed by breaking the wheel to avoid hitting the driver's dog.
On the other hand, teams of crime scene investigators, after checking out the bus removed from the crash site with the help of the crane. IHA


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