Monday , June 14 2021

Last minute … Public bus to tram line! Disorders …

Istanbul, one of the most demanding locations in the accident that happened under the airstrip Aksaray Unkapanı Aksaray by public bus in the direction of rain on the road sloping due to driver fall, learned that the taxi crashed in front. The bus then hit the electric pole and entered the tram. While the half-power had been dropped, the cable wires that supplied the car's energy were also interrupted. As a result of an accident, the tram stops. Bağcılar -Kabataş tram services, which did not happen due to the accident, returned to normal at 10.40.

"His death."

The taxi came by bus that said the taxi, "His car register, I guess a little too fast, I saw him, slowed down, stopped entering, the taxi was also hit, half were always destroyed, Metro saw it, and even stopped ", He said.
Metro Twitter on Twitter account, "public buses for cable damages T1 Kabatas-Bağcılar tram lines, Bağcılar-Yusufpaşa and Beyazıt-Kabataş" between the terms used.

Passengers were directed to other stations near the accident site while some passengers tried to stop.

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