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Last Minute: Yalova's scared the earthquake! The earthquake felt in Istanbul … (November 30, 2018 the last earthquake)

According to the Observatory Kandilli and the Earthquake Research Institute; Yalova Çınarcık had a 4.3 magnitude earthquake. AFAD measured the tune as 4.1. On the other hand, the earthquake felt in Istanbul and the surrounding provinces. Last details of the earthquake that occurred in Yal and caused fear in Istanbul …

Earthquake occurred in the morning of Yalova Yalova. The earthquake was felt in many provinces in the Marmara region. The earthquake caused citizens to wake up in fear and panic. Here are some interesting things about the earthquake in Yalovo


According to Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) data; The magnitude of earthquake magnitude 4.1 was at 14.45 km at 05.36.

Surprise information on AFAD's website.

Surprise information on AFAD's website.


According to the Kandilli Observatory and the Earthquake Exploration Institute; the magnitude of the earthquake was measured as 4.3.


It was learned that the earthquake occurred at a depth of 14 kilometers and felt in Istanbul, Bursi, Kocaeli and Sakaryi.

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Member of the ITU Faculty, earthquake expert prof. Dr. Okan Tüysüz made estimates of the earthquake in Yalov. Professor Dr. Okan Tüysüz said, "The earthquake of this magnitude 4 excited us all. Do something for it, it will be a shadow that will look at it, as he said.

Earthquake "width =" 880 "height =" 579

Professor Dr. Inadmissible he said:

Or you know, this area consists of many earthquakes that create earthquakes. The earthquake in 1999 took place east of it. 4 European Seismological Associations, 4.1 by AFAD and 4.3 by Kandilli. Earthquake on the ground. The fact that there is a earthquake of 4 in this area indicates a failure of a number of mistakes. However, this is not the earthquake that is expected to be a pioneer of any earthquake.

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If the shakes are shallow, it feels like it. Earthquake magnitude 4 is an earthquake that can be felt on the surface. Walk to our people. There is nothing to worry about. The guilt that we expect to be the earthquake in Istanbul is just north of the current earthquake. We can now say that there is no earthquake to blame. But it is important to be prepared for the earthquake. Since 1999 we have been dealing with various warnings. However, the competent authorities can state that our preparations are not complete. The earthquake can be at any time, anytime.

Since it is in the South of the Marble Sea, it is common to feel the earthquake near Bursa. But it will be possible to watch it in a short time. Since the earthquake has passed for a short time, we do not have enough information about it. It is possible to make predictions

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