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Male new birth control method

Male new birth control method

Scientists are investigating a new method of contraception in men. Gel with two types of hormones that prevent sperm production without reducing male energy and libido will be tested for a year.

Wall – US National Health Institutes have announced that scientists are investigating a new method of contraception in men. According to the Institute's statement, the product of the new method is gel. Tests conducted for the product include 420 para.

Applied power, male energy in the gel and losing sperm libido, preventing the emergence of two types of hormones and applied to the back of the region, he said.

Diana Blithe, the head of the contraceptive development program at the National Institute for Health and Human Development, said: "The gel contains progestogen and testosterone hormones, condoms have a failure rate of up to 13 percent, and when we observe hormonal measures, we see this rate falling to 7 percent If men have a choice of their birth control methods, this may be a more appropriate option for some of them


The reason why hormones are injected into the body by the gel is because the tablets quickly reject testosterone hormone from the body. Nestoron, a progestin hormone in the gel, blocks testosterone only in the area where sperm is produced and continues to circulate in the blood, replacing the testosterone nestoron in the rest of the body. So all functions except sperm continue to function in the same way.

If the tests are successful, a new form of contraception will emerge, and the role and responsibilities of men and women in family planning will be even more equitable.


Researchers have reported that the test will last for a year. Tara Narula, one of the doctors in the team, said the gel was the first time entering the test phase and needed to work long. (Source: Sputnik)

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