Saturday , September 18 2021

Mustafa Cengiz: Let's beat it 7-0!

President Galatasaraya Mustafa Cengiz, Schalke Atatürk Airport before the Navy Prime Minister was found.

The statements of Mustafa Cengiz are as follows;

"We have an important process for our country and our country. Please focus on that. Schalke's meeting is very important in this regard.

"During the game of Ali Koč," Why did the tribunes emptier, "he said, and a friend died, going to the hospital," he said, we all broke the moral.

I was 7-0. We were new!

"I wish we could defeat 7-0, 6-0 in the psycho, but the referee showed poor performance in general. We feel we have suffered injustice against Fenerbahce.

"Fire exorcising (our Spanish brother) and this fire throw dynamite (our fraternal brother) to be held with other footballers.

"Keeping the team shows that we are about football. It does not matter, I think the committees that will evaluate the events will be neutral."

"We want to explain the comments of a judge and another judge. VAR judges warned by judges do not do well."

We have a school training

"The liberation of Galatasaraya and our clubs depends on the championship and prestige that we will get in Europe. We see this important for our brand value.

"There are only 1 Galatasaray in the TFF, but I believe they will be objective."

"We have consulted each other about the events that have taken place. Look at the pictures, our managers always intervene to separate." They do not like you dead. "

They do what they do.

"Hasan Şaş made a good statement yesterday and admitted that wrong, Hasan Şaş is a Turkish figure, I talk about it in foreign players, doing tactical exercises like guerrillas.

"If you are happy that your opponent falls into a difficult situation, you have a disadvantage."

"We must adhere to the rules and regulations established in that country, I think the Disciplinary Board will be fair. The drive element is very important.

Football game on the site

"Football is playing in the field, we have to fight to death when the ball goes into the field, mistakes have always been, but there were no mistakes in favor of Galatasaray of VAR"

"There is so much a message from the fans. The position we are in is always stopping you from saying nothing.

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