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Neurologist Mehmet Yavuz: Regular chocolate consumers live for more than a year

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There is often a mention of chocolate damage, you say it is beneficial.

According to research on this subject, chocolate is a very powerful antioxidant. One of the most notable benefits is what helps a person feel better and quieter by releasing a hormone of happiness.

How Does It Affect Our Brain Like This?

The content of cocoa, the main ingredient of chocolate, allows blood flow to the brain. It contributes to brain function development. Methylxanthin in chocolate also increases concentration and increases the focus and effectiveness of learning.

Why can not we resist chocolate?

The reason we can not resist each time is that it has 600 different flavors.

What should your daily measurement of chocolate be?

According to findings from a group of scientists from Harvard University, those who eat regular chocolate live for more than a year. Research has shown that the consumption of chocolate containing 80 grams of cocoa 20 grams a day is very useful.

Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

Most of the time, it is a chocolate sweat that attracts its packaging. Therefore, at your convenience, your advantage should be for dark chocolate. Because dark chocolate is made from pure cocoa, and other chemical components are not added.

Is it possible to lose weight if you eat chocolate?

Dark chocolate regulates blood sugar and can control the appetite. Perfect for sweet crises. It also activates chocolate fat and the mechanism of carbohydrates. Since fatty acids synthesize chocolate, it accelerates metabolism. It facilitates the muscles to form.

I Read Something Like Home The Pleasure of Kissing Is Equal to the Pleasure of 25 Grams of Chocolate "How Real Is It?

Since kissing activates some hormones, it is possible to establish such a relationship. The brain observes the chocolate that enters the body as a reward and causes endorphin secretion. Because chocolate contains compounds such as tyramine, phenylethylamine, theobromine and caffeine that directly affect the brain. In addition, chocolate contains phenylethylamine (PEA) for the stimulation of the nervous system.

HISTORY OF CHOCOLATE: Once sold in pharmacies

In the early 1900's, pharmacies bought so- Chocolate healthy chocolate ç. Chocolate, which came to the Ottoman land in the nineteenth century and which many scientists called healing, has become mass production over time.

The benefits of chocolate

Prevents blockage of blood vessels in the brain.

It provides the digestive system to work regularly thanks to the fiber content.

It prevents the formation of stones and sand in the kidneys.

It maintains cholesterol levels in balance.

Protects the kidneys with their diuretic properties.

Thanks to calcium, it helps in bone development.

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