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New Portable Content from Metro Exodus

The popular 4A Gamesuss game, Metro Exodus, is slowly expanding. Metro Exodus: Two Colonels have released the first trace of their DLC. The first thing that stands out about the new content is that it is taking the radiation monitoring technology to a new level.

Recently developed technology has brought with it a new image processing technology, radiation monitoring technology. This technology does not define light, but instead determines how light will be reflected if it comes from a natural source. This results in more realistic, advanced images.

The new content of Metro Exodus to download also creates new images. Enriching the subway experience with new free-to-air mode, new maps and corridors, the suite of gaming accessories stands out primarily for its success in beam-tracking technology.

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Metro Exodus will only be sold at the Epic Games store from now on

The original version of the game has the same feature, but there we see a map illuminated by a natural light source like the sun. Although the system on the outside was very successful, it was not so great on the inside. Now this problem has been resolved.

In the game, the light sources in the interior now illuminate the interior in a more natural way. This eliminates the transitional differences between different game lighting techniques and texture distortions.

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Metro Exodus Product Keys at Epic Store Stolen output: Validation canceled

In addition, games with this technology can be much more fluid and the game environment much nicer. Each light source has its own light. Below you can find a comparison of the pictures in the game. This will give you an idea.

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