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Night mode for Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE

Xiaomi constantly updates its devices and gives them new features.

Xiaomi, a Chinese smart phone manufacturer, has never been able to deliver the best camera performance in the smartphone industry. However, the company has constantly improved its hardware and software to deliver better camera performance and better picture quality on every smartphone.


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Another success of the Xiaomi camera is the ability to present a new smartphone to old smart phones. The company continually updates its devices so old smart phones have the latest features of the smartphone.

Xiaomi announced the release of the Night Night Scene with Mi Mix 3. The model Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE will also be able to shoot shiny images at low light thanks to the Super Night Scene mode. In addition, these two devices come with 4K 60fps video recording mode.


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According to Weibo Shipment, the Mi 8 SE meeting with night mode can be found at the end of February. The 4k 60fps video will be available for 2 months. Updates will be available as OTAs when they become available to users.

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