Tuesday , January 19 2021

November 12 Gold Prices – How Much is a Quarter of Gold Today?

Despite the appreciation of the foreign exchange rate on Friday, the gold dollar, which is falling due to regression below the ounce, dropped by 0.88 percent to 212.9 percent.

Today's gold grams, starting at 09.50 per cent at a rate of 0.28 per cent, compared to the previous closing, 213.5 pounds of customers find. At Grand Bazaar, a quarter of gold is 350 pounds, and republic gold is sold at 1,425 pounds.

Analyst AA Finance, Islam Memis, said gold price gold was trading close to technical critical levels of support, and that this week's recovery in grams gold could be seen by buying a response.

This week, gold will track 212 pounds per gram of gold, pointing out that Memiş Memiş, 217 lire in case of recovery from those levels, will continue to 221 lire to reach the position of resistance, he said.

Memiş said that the value of the dollar index was undermined by commodity prices. found in the evaluation.

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