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Experienced coach, "What would you like to change if you have a chance?" he gave the following answer:

"There is no justice in economic terms, so there is a big difference between rich class and poor class, and every person deserves a normal and good life, no matter who you are talking to, you agree, but no one responds to helping people. I would like to be a war, there is a dark side and a good side in the world, the problems are where it starts, who comes, it is very easy to understand who is challenging it.


Obradović, THY European League Maccabi FOX match during their distant Israeli league during the break in their hard-warning players clearly.

Obradovic, who talked a lot about the communication he had with his players in time when the yellow-blue team was behind the 38-30, said:

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"The most important thing is trust, players believe and believe, breaks are very short, I have to tell my players to get better on the ground in a short time like 1 minute, they know it well and understand what I want. That's a natural phenomenon it's part of my job, and sometimes I need to give some extra motivation – I do not think I should say "I'll say it in pause" before the game, and in most cases they concentrate and get the message I want to make clear. Our job is to have a high concentration in 40 minutes. It's not easy, but we have to do it. "


Stressing the importance of young athletes, but in the age where technology is a very advanced communication problem, Obradović emphasized: "Young players take you as an example. Transferring your life to a movie or book helps young names?" to his question:

"I support everything that can be a good example for young people, the generations change very quickly, I have once embraced the people who played in Cacak, I would like to be like them, which is the responsibility of trainers working with young people. very soon to change from morning until evening, and trainers and families should intervene in the problems of young people and show the right way. "

"Young people are easy to pick up today, and the most important thing for me is communication with people, because we are human beings, we need to establish a relationship, we have to talk together, and unfortunately, thanks to technology, our current friends are mobile phones." and they are tablets, but they are not really friends, friends. "used terms.

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Obradovic, Fenerbahce, this season will be where fans want to be pronounced.

"We are at the end of November, we have a lot of games in both the league, and our performance will be reflected in the matches." Most importantly, we must be in the right position in the most critical season of the season, we are aware of how many people believe us. both club and team need to keep in mind. I'm happy with my team's reaction at this point, but we have to play better, I think we will be where we want this season. " He said.

When he first came to Fenerbahce, the Serbian leader said, "This goal was to be among the best teams in Europe. I am proud to be among the best teams in Europe today. It is important that our new management continues to support and this success is achieved with the support of its players, team and fans. "found in the evaluation.

Obradovic, social media, yellow-blue fans of "Obradovic's Alex statue and should stand next to Lefter." about the request, "I thank all those who have the support, I feel great respect for us, I know my team is not just about myself, but I am a part of the team, I should not think of positive things and negative things for me." we will. " in the shape of.


Obradovic told Partizan that he was the European League Champion when he lived with Aleksandar Nikolic, legendary basketball player of Serbia, in his first training experience at age 32:

"When I was sitting in a partisan, that was my dream, Aleksandar Nikolic was my life coach, not just basketball. I remember very well, he came to the side after the European championship and said," I hope you will be more successful than that . "I was very surprised – what could have been a big success? Professor Nikolic was such a man that he saw the future very comfortable. It is very important to do so very much, I have a great team and the players I work with, and we have a perfect relationship with our fans, what else they can ask for.


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Obradovic said he came to Istanbul, where he lived for more than 5 years for the first time at age 18.
The young basketball player came to Istanbul for the tournament and had an interesting trip, Obradovic said.

"For the first time I came to Istanbul when I was an actor at age 18. I was here at the tournament, for the first time in Istanbul, by the bus from Cacak, I was 18 and it was great to come here. they moved here from the rugged countries of Yugoslavia, so there are people I talk about together, and every day from Istanbul to Belgrade there are 5 flights, and every time I go to Belgrade, I meet my Turkish friends.The people of Serbia like to come to Istanbul, Istanbul is a very special city. "

"I did not work in the year I have a very nice"

Obradovic did not run in the 2012-2013 season after the 13-year Panathinaikos period.

After a long period of active basketball, the Serbian chief coach, who stayed out of that season, explained this period:

"I have a wonderful time at home at the end of Panathinaikos, I was completely out of basketball, I have very little talk about basketball, I've watched the European league with my son, and I spent a lot of time playing basketball so you do not have a lot of private time if you coach of big teams such as Panathinaikos and Fenerbahçe. It was a beautiful year.


– Basketball: passion
– Fenerbahçe: An amazing organization
– Aleksandar Nikolić: Love and respect, my other father
– Ivković: I mean the same with Alexander Nikolic
Dimitris Diamantidis: The most exquisite person I know
– THY Europa League: Nice organization
– Istanbul: A very special city
– Sarunas Jasikevicius: Character
– Who would you like to be assistant coach: Ivkovic. I was just Ivković's assistant.
– Panathinaikos: Private

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