Tuesday , May 18 2021

One of every three cancer "skin cancer"

Secretary General of the Turkish Dermatological Society Dr. Dilek Bayramgürler, skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer all over the world, looking at all kinds of cancer in one of three cases of skin cancer.

According AA; According to the World Health Organization's latest data, every year, 132,000 people with skin melanoma melanoma, 3 million people of other types of skin cancer, said each year.


According to statistics, when all types of cancer are considered together, one of the three cancers is skin cancer, and Bayramgürler said there is no type of skin cancer but with very different symptoms.

Professor Dr. Bayramgures, some of the skin's skin with slow symptoms of skin formation, sometimes grow rapidly and the nasal ulcer can be seen in the form of brown or black stains that appear completely in the skin, he said.


He noted that skin cancers are a type of cancer with visible signs. The most important features that distinguish skin cancer from other types of cancer are they are visible and tangible, enabling early recognition and treatment of skin cancer. they are cautious of changes in their skin and in the case of suspicious cases, dermatologists who are experts in this job will save their lives by early diagnosis and treatment. "

Although skin cancer can be seen in everyone, especially in light-colored eyes and eyes, which are more common in people who tend to swallow Bayramgürler, "Melanoma types of family history, which we call very risky, so genetic features are very important." Cancer significantly increases the risk , He said.

10.00-16.00 WARNING!

Bayramgürler emphasized the importance of sun protection, especially in skin cancer. necessary important measures.

In addition, the use of high-gloss sunscreen when outdoors is very important in preventing skin cancer. The most important thing to consider is the repetition of used sun protection products every 3 hours. At this time, sunscreen in makeup materials is not enough to protect it from sunshine when used once a day.

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