Saturday , June 19 2021

Pain relieving can lead to headache "- Bursa News

"Painkiller can hurt your head"

Dr. BURSA – Headaches and migraine headaches 3-4 times a month for people who need to consult a physician emphasizing the need to consult Neurology experts. Sinan volunteer, without the physician's control, the use of more painkillers can cause more pain, he said.
She says migraine has an important health problem. Sinan Gönüllü, "60 to 70 percent of patients admitted to the neurological clinic complain of headaches, and 90 percent of these cases occur directly with the headache and are not related to another disease. One of the most common types of headache is migraine and the other 10 percent is caused is a headache during illnesses such as cerebrovascular diseases, nervous system disorders, brain tumors, eye diseases, sinusitis, meningitis.
Sinan Gönüllü has stated that the quality of life of humans also decreases during the period of migraine attacks. "For example, life expectancy is very closely related, and pain is used to treat migraine, but should be used in patients with 1-2 attacks per month," he said.
If the pain relieves 5 times and more, the risk of misuse of headaches for abuse will increase gradually by underlining a volunteer, "This excess pain, even if pain at that moment, even if the pain increases the frequency and weight, so the killer causes pain. That is, there are migraine headache patients who have a headache 3-4 times a month. There is also a remedy for specific migraines, alternative treatment methods and botox treatment.

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