Monday , June 14 2021

Physician broke his finger: 16 months in jail for late attacker and 500 pounds in 5 war

attacked Dr. Mehmet Gürkan Turan, a woman beside the attacker, wrote the drug 2 times, saying the patient was paralyzed and bedridden, he said helped. Turan said he wants to print an insulin drug when the attacker recently arrived:

"He came up to me with the paperwork and asked me to write insulin." When I asked him what insulin he gave me papers, paper in his hands abroad, we do not see where the drug is written to insurance patients abroad. He said, "Look at this computer," I told him we did not see what kind of medicine he was before I was ill-treated, I'm sick of my mom and dad, which medicine I know you know. "Let me help you insulin, "I said, then he threw the papers on my face, and when I got up I came to me and grabbed my collar I was in his position He pulled me out because the door was open Shocked a few fists, but my hand did not hit me, then took trips, I noticed that my finger was broken, we took a plague and complained about it.

Pointing out that the punishment of Turan, & # 39; 500 pounds receive a fine, and this is taken into account in terms of the financial situation, it was decided to pay in 5 installments. I did not mean to complain. Because I trusted this question, "he said.

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