Saturday , September 18 2021

Renault replaces Ghana's Executive Director in Japan

Renault Group Steering Committee, Carlos Ghosn instead Thierry BolloreHe was allegedly appointed as the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board.

Renault's written statement stated that the Renaulta Board of Directors had adopted provisional management measures to protect the interests of the group and continued with its activities from today.

In that context Carlos Ghosn Following the judicial proceedings launched in Japan against the United States, Philippe Lagayette, as an independent member of the Steering Board, said on Wednesday that the Steering Board was unable to communicate the evidence that Nissan and Japanese judicial bodies collected against Ghosna at this stage.


In a statement, Ghosn temporarily lost his term of office, but still holds the title of president and chief executive officer, who said:

The Governing Board appointed and appointed Thierry Bollor as the deputy chairman of the Executive Board. Mr. Bollore will serve as the leader of the group management team and will have the same powers as Carlos Ghosn. During that period, the Steering Committee will continue its regular meetings under the chairmanship of the Independent Member of the Steering Committee and preserve the interests of the Renault Group and maintain the viability of its alliance.

Based on the principles of transparency, trust and mutual respect, as outlined in the Charter of Management Board, Nissan has decided to request all information about Ghos's investigations conducted in the investigation company, ortaya Renault, Nissan, welcomed Mitsubishi Alliance, a statement of support from was announced by Nissan's administration.


Carlos Ghosn, partner of Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi, interviewed by prosecutors in Tokyo, reported.

Nissan company said the internal investigation showed that Ghosnova's pay for years was underdeveloped and would be rejected.
In 1999, Ghosn came to Nissan as the director of the operation to manage the transfer of the Japanese automobile company with Renault in partnership with Renault.

Ghosn has undertook rigid restructuring measures, including the closure of a factory to improve the company, and in 2001 he was appointed to the executive director of Nissan during a meeting with his shareholders.

Mitsubishi, who was hit by a scandal about fuel data manipulation, also participated in the Nissan-Renault Capital Partnership in 2016.

Nissan, Renault and Mitsubishi became the world's largest car distributor in the first half of the year with 5.54 million vehicles, leaving behind the main competitor Volkswagen.

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