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Rizespor 1-1 Ankaragücü Highlights


Target. Dk 20 Mostafa El Kabir (Ankaragucu)

Target. Min. 66 Aminu Umar (Rizespor)

Missed Penalty Dk. 80 Boldrin (Rizespor)

Minutes from the first half

The 15th minute Boldrin's penalty area of ​​the Petrucci breakthrough is waiting for no punches around the round with a small roundabout exit.

20 minutes into the game, MKE Ankaragücü had a free kick in a decent position. Sedat Ağçay leaned the corner kick from İlhan Parlak's left side attack towards the left, but his shot went just wide. Wrapped in empty space, El Kabir sent a leather circuit to the net. 0-1

23 minutes into the match, Vedat Muriç Altay Bayındır came through the middle and almost added to his team's lead, but the ball went wide.

With 40 minutes of free kick, Moulin left the center right ball, El Kabirov headed the ball, and the goalkeeper Gökhan Akkan checked the ball.

The first half of the match, MKE Ankaragücü & nbsp; 1-0, ended with supremacy.

Other half

49 minutes from the middle of the penalty area, in the center of Koray Altinay, Umar's main striker Altay Bayındır spread well, with a header towards the net.

51 minutes into the penalty area of ​​Cerci's # 1 in the penalty area, İlhan Parlak, with a strike from the left, but the keeper deflected Gokhan Akkan's shot.

56 minutes into the match, Boldrin took the penalty area into the right cross, goalkeeper Altay Bayindir, checked the ball in two moves.

66. Čaykur Rizespor minutes, grabbing the line. After defending the defense of Umar, he entered the penalty area after waiting for a shotgun shotgun with a shotgun on the left:

73. Umar right in the middle of the penalty area in the middle of Vedat Murić's head, a little bit smaller.

80 minutes into the match, after a penalty shot off the crossbar! Samudio's ninun down the right wing, Altay Bayındır was in the right place and tipped the ball to a corner.

90 minutes into the match, the referee signaled for a Samudio nun substitution. Altay Bayındır was the ruler of the game that he was unable to finish the ball.

The game is finished with a 1-1 defeat.

This resulted in Çaykur Rizespor increasing to 10, and Ankaragücü reached 20 points.

End of the match

Sport Toto Super League 14th week on field with MKE Ankaragücü 1-1 attracts Rizespor coach Okan Buruk, played well, but said they had problems coming to the conclusion.

Buruk, the press conference held after the game, said they had a tough night and sad.

By winning to match the expected level in a match that could not reach the Buruk level, "the game played from the beginning to the highest." We got too many positions, but the first was the first one to come to your penize, the owner was us but we had problems with the end, "he said.

Buruk noted that they had gone to the third zone, but had a lack of last resort.

"It is important to turn the 1-0 game, but we could not bear the penalty, our players had the pressure on him and could not break it, we did everything to win, it would be different if we could take the penalty.

Okan Buruk, opponents of Rice, came to a point that claimed: "They played points, and the goalkeepers made the play time and the judges allowed it, and at the end of the match was added 4 minutes, he commented.

Kartal: "I think we deserve the result"

Technical Manager of Ankaraguc, Ismail Kartal, Rice, 6-7 players came without passing.

"Our players filled the tactical sense of duty, 38-year-old Sedat ran 11 kilometers, and El Kabir missed the goal in the first half.

Describing the team as the second half behind Eagle, he said:

Altay gave the team the chance to give a chance to the Turkish football that we first got into the Super League and saved the team and entrusted the team to the leadership of their friends and played the first match in the league at the age of 19. We have placements in the last part of the game. Despite the fact that we are happy to get the result, we already have enough, players have fought each other, I think we deserve the result.

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