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Senol Gunes: We made 2-0, 3-2

UEFA Europa League Group D match 5 Norway team Sarpsborg Besiktas, the first half of the match ended 2-0, the second half of the 3-2 win left the goals and scored a score of 7 raised.

Besiktas coach Senol Gunes, commenting on the match, "2-0 we made, 3-2 we did, congratulations to your players, thank you, played with great effort, unexpected goals ate, then we play the game, I'm real, good-humored, that means God helps. The lens was unarmed, Adriano was unarmed, but they fought until the last moment, he said.

When an opponent gave the position of a position showing the sun, "It was a different match, no player who was to reserve. We will enter the camp on Saturday, but we did not have goals to defeat the goals and the goal was not to win goals, the second hit the ball at the first goal.

The experienced trainer used the following ideas for the stadium at Sarpsborg: "Under the circumstances, we were off to a bad turn.

Fenerbahce was not happy after the flash event of the match!

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