Sunday , March 7 2021

Star Lumens launches the largest air campaign

Cry the money world airdrop the concept is one of the most prominent questions in the last period. Airdrop campaigns, which have become an important tool for presenting and creating a community, are an opportunity to save end users.

Historical opportunity

Number until now airdrop the campaign has been conducted and numerous campaigns are in progress. Of course, some of them can be used for fake people. However, enthusiasts of crypto-money do not give up on testing each project.

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Stellar Lumens – XLM is the largest air campaign in history. Blockcha The Star Foundation, which cooperates with the wallet platform, will produce about 500 million copies, or about $ 125 million. XLM is currently the sixth largest unit in the market and spends around 19 billion euros. The total number of XLMs produced is just over 100 billion.

Only Airdrop Blockcha is available to users who open an account and create wallets. So far, there were 30 million users on the platform. Together with Airdrop News will probably increase this number. Blockchain has already offered Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash wallets. The XLM is still to be added, and the aircraft campaign has been respected. The Foundation has announced that distribution of gift XLM units will start this week.

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