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Stunning BTC price estimate from Bitcoin Oracle! Latest news

Peter Brandt, the legend of Bitcoin and Crypto Currency, shared its new Bitcoin prognosis, Ethereum and TRON's latest weekly report, the XRPL Lab's leader at Ripple, announcing new Wietse Wind Ripple applications and more and Kriptokoin.coBe in the process with the latest news for crypto money and add value to your investment.

News for Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin can continue to grow

Bitcoin (BTC) experienced a rise in prices a few days ago. The current market idea has completely changed, and according to experts, Bitcoin may begin to grow again. Bitcoin has surpassed $ 5,000 for the first time in more than 4 months, and the trend can go on with analysts. Peter Brandt, a well-known crypto-money and stock analyst, has published a twitter, which, as we reported earlier, showed that Bitcoin could enter a new parabolic phase in the near future.


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CNBC's famous analyst announces Bitcoin's next goal

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The analyst explains why BTC targets $ 50,000

Predicting the collapse of Bitcoin, Peter Brandt, known as Bitcoin Oracle, extends his new vision of how BTC is ready for a parabolic bull. In a recent Yahoo Finance interview, Brandt now explains why BTC targets $ 50,000:

I believe they are between December 2017 and December 2017 and those on the market from 2013 to 2015. Actually analogous (similar), where we saw sequential movement up and down the bear market. Almost in the same way we created the same pattern. After the low level of Bitcoin in 2015, the market became a parabolic development. So, I think the analogs are exceptionally good, and I think the crypts will return to the parabolic bull market. The only question I have in mind today is whether it will test the lowest level at the end of 2018? I mean, there is a chance, and that can happen and it may not happen

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Bitcoin and Altcoin announce a new rating of aid!

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– The bull will take place in the next two to three years.

Brandt said he expected the bull race to take place in the next two to three years and added:

As we know, Bitcoin moves as it moves. This is not the case for all crypto coins. And if we start to develop some upward moment, I think we will come back and see parabolic development similar to what we had before the end of summer. And with this progress, I think Bitcoin is easy to reach the $ 20,000 high level we see at the end of 2017. I guess the target is probably about $ 50,000.

Ethereum (ETH) news

It was released during the last week of the Ethereum blog, which was supported by ConsenSys. This week edition includes the latest versions of Ethereum 2.0 and requires some updates on Ethereum-based platforms, including OmiseGo, Zilliqa, and MyCrypto.

Ripple News (XRP)

Wietse Wind, XRPL Labsa's Ripple support manager, tweeted XRP Tip Bot and a new XRP application based on company payment. With these new features, to send tips to a person now, users will have a contact list at their fingertips and will not need to enter bulky encrypted addresses or scan QR codes.

News for Litecoin (LTC)

Litecoin is now four months away from the next half. In Halving, the mining block prize will be halved in half and the production of finite cash crypto stocks on 84 million LTCs will be slowed down. Here you can check the following release count.

Starlight News (XLM)

The Australian Crypto Stock Exchange, Independent Reserve, this week adds Stellar Lumens (XLM) to its platform. Trading on the XLM will begin on Tuesday. The stock market is currently targeting corporate investors after the first stock exchange offered insurance coverage to clients in the country.

TRON (TRX) news

TRON's latest weekly report on decentralized platform practices (DApps) has been released. According to the report, TRON's ecosystem has 246 DApps and works.

Cardano News (ADA)

The IOHK behind Cardana creates a symphony, designed to revive Blockchain. The project stems from questions posed by founder Cardan Charles Hoskinson, who asks what Blockchain looks like. gelişu be informed about the last moment of development twitterin Coming up, Facebook such as our site i telegram Join our channel!

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