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The Autonomous Social Media Platform & # 39; Yazbee & # 39; ready

Yazbee, the local social media platform developed by Turkish entrepreneurs and engineers, is ready to use. The president of the application, citing that they have the potential to hire 500 people and embark on a global brand Arif Ünversaid they would reach 30 million users next year.

Market application, which means that 100 percent of the domestic software can be downloaded Yazbek Unver "When we look at the number of users of popular social media ranks in top 10 in all of Turkey. It is even among the top 3 on some platforms by the number of inhabitants. The fact that the market is so big has prepared the ground to establish this platform. Law, software, especially data analysts, have the potential to provide jobs for a total of 500 qualified people, "he said.

#Sanazdi se

ÜNver said that they were working on the product for 3 and a half years and that the platform became the last. We gave great importance to the infrastructure. We currently have infrastructure to serve 50 million social media users to Turkey, "he said.

Features of Yazbee

Like in all social media platforms, Ünver said that people are following in Yazbee. Users can see posts by following themes according to their interests without people following them. Themes are very important for reaching a targeted audience.

Option "I do not like it"

ÜNver said, "Popular users are also upset by the offensive messages written in their posts. For this, we've been able to & # 39; share comments & # 39; Users can post shares closed for comment. On the other hand, we do not like & # 39; we have the option. The user can see who wants to share, but not those who do not. So people can express in a nice way. Our work continues, we will gain new features, he said.

Turkey Arif Unver 50 million social media users say, "It's over 37 million in 13 years. Our goal is by the end of 2020, with up to 30 million users in Turkey. But we are not just targeting Turkey. Our goal is to reach the Balkans, the Middle East and the Caucasus in close geography. The number of social media users in the immediate region is 283 million. Our goal is to reach 200 million people. We believe that morality and motivation for Turkey, "he said.

Saying that many of the first steps will be achieved with the platform, Ünver said, "Yazbee could be the first unicorn of our country ($ 1 billion), and we have a market target of over $ 1 billion by the end of 2020. In the years between 2022 and 2023, market value of $ 10 billion with a close number of users in geography.

Available in English

Arif Ünver emphasized that he would invest while earning money from the platform: "We will create new jobs while investing. We have the potential to hire 500 qualified engineers and young people. Young people use social media, but still make money Turkey. We have published not only in Turkish but also in English. Global will be implemented simultaneously with Turkey's goal, "he said.

Ünver, "The application is available on the App Store, Google Play, and the Web. You can share photos, videos, and connect with others. You can quote a user's share so that other users can see it. We tried to provide comfort, comfort, and an environment where people can move freely on social media, "he said.

"The number of robots close to zero"

Ünver said Yazbee server infrastructure was in the Turkcell Gebze data center and said, "We are happy because Turkish engineers and entrepreneurs submitted a request. But this development process is done, the job is not over yet. We are an application where the number of robotic accounts in the world is closer to zero. Because our substructure is designed accordingly. Our data is stored within the borders of Turkey, which is safe, "he said.

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