Tuesday , May 18 2021

The ear can be released

Ear nails can be ear lover Nos Boaz (ENT) Professional Opr. Dr. Yusuf entrk, in the case of earplugs, it is essential that the ENT expert said that it should be related.

Hospital Samsun Byk Anadolu Meydan KBB Uzman Opr. Dr. Dr. Yusuf entrk, "The ear can be seen from time to time or continuously. The voice of the voice can be slim or shooter, can affect one ear or both, it may vary from person to person," he said.

Causes of the ears

Early nudity is objectively and subjectively divided into two prominent entrees, "the lens, the ear with the patient also heard the voices of the patient.The subjective ear is also heard only by the sound of the patient.The ear can be simple and benign reasons, such as more serious problems Causes: ear damage, ear infection, ear infections, ear infections, allergic rhinitis, sinusitis, ear traumas, middle ears, middle ear bones, hinging of the joints, middle muscles of the muscles in the ear, enlargement of the ear in the ears ( honey for weight loss or weight loss), middle ear anomalies, neck and neck vasodilation, trombone (acoustic nerve) in the nerve that provide balance and hearing, cervical spine disorders and vitamin B12 deficiency. If we have any problems with this, please you should contact the ORL specialist without delay. In that case, the treatment may show differences. In that sense, an expert in the field of nutrition Going with a doctor and finding the reason for the necessity of the natal ear is the vital moisture of tamaktadr.

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