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The groom from Antalya chose TIR as her bride

Take out the dorset of his friend decorated with painted cargo belts driving the groom of Berka Demira's Exile (25), a convoy with other vehicles his friends in the district used in the streets and district streets, Nihal Yilmaz (22) arrived at the house.

Yilmaz, who was released from the father's house with the help of his relatives, was riding on a decorated truck. Trucks and other vehicles, the convoy of the city, moved to the hall where the wedding will take place. Convoys were followed by citizens with interest.

Damat Demir, in a statement to reporters, said his friend made his truck bride.

Irony is interested in car sports, "I like to be different, at my request, my friend made a girl to decorate a truck." At present, the bride does not know and waits at home, it will also be a big surprise. We want to go to the wedding hall without any problems, he said.

Yilmaz said he was very surprised when he saw the truck, "Nice, very fond, full of sea writing," she was. My wife was happy to do something like that. " He said.

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