Saturday , September 18 2021

The last moment … The fire that started in Milas spread to Bodrum: Evacuation decision for Mazı

Muglin district Bodrum continues to fight the fire disaster. While the fire, which started at noon today, continued over a large area in the district, the latest news arrived from Mazı, the district.

Bodrum Mayor Ahmet Aras said in his Twitter post that Yukarı Mazı had begun evacuating. The Mumcular – Mazı road was closed to traffic. It was learned that the neighborhood was lowered towards the beach, and the evacuation process will be carried out by boats.

Expressing that the citizens here will be sent to Aşağı Mazı, President Aras said, “We have organized our ships from Bodrum, we want to evacuate our citizens” He said.

Explaining that the shutdown of the teams continues, Aras said Mazı and Çökertme are under threat; “Everyone has to be very careful. We’re breathing hard here.” used his statements.


The fire, which started in Beyciler County, Milas, grew rapidly under the influence of the wind and spread over a wide area. He intervenes in the fire with many forest and firefighting vehicles.

When the fire engulfed the settlements, some houses were engulfed in flames. When the fire that started in Milas spread to the Gökpınar district of Bodrum, houses in the neighborhood were evacuated.

Aras also said in a statement: “We are evacuating our citizens in Gornji Mazı. We send him to the lower village of Mazı, we send him to the beach. The flames are approaching the village of Yukarı Mazı. Slightly to the east it approaches the village of Gökbel. Everyone has to be very careful. There are citizens who do not want to leave their homes. Let them get out of their house right away. Smoke makes it difficult for us to breathe, so we should leave our house as soon as possible. I hope we get back when everything is back to normal. At the moment, everyone is interfering with the flames. God help us, ”he said.

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