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"The only solution to protect from AIDS is monogamy"

Deputy Minister of Oaks, in his speech at the "December 1 World AIDS Day" event, pointing out that the disease continues to be an important public health problem, the world has 36.7 million HIV carriers, and millions of people lost their lives due to AIDS, he said.

The number of patients in Eastern Europe and Middle East countries increases, Oak stressed that HIV is seen in all ages in a given age group.

Turkey among the countries that appear less frequently with HIV, but stressed that the increase in the number of cases over the last few years Oak, said:

"In Turkey, 18,000 557 HIV (positive) and 1736 cases of AIDS were reported from the first case in 1985. 15.3% of cases are from foreign nationals, HIV infection is a preventive disease, and preventive measures are much more effective and cheaper than HIV infection is a disease that can be prevented, and prevention measures are much more effective and cheaper than treatment because the most common way of transmitting sexual contact is almost the only protection solution.

The Deputy Minister of Oak, Turkey, to prevent the spread of bloodstream disease, starting in 1986, tested on HIV in blood and blood products, long before organ and tissue transplantation in 1987, said they needed the tests.

"We Will Increase the Number of Volunteer Counseling Centers and Test Centers"

Meşe said that the necessary arrangements were made to ensure a simple and uninterrupted approach to treatment of HIV-infected persons, social support, improvement of care facilities, and improvement of their quality of life.

"In our country, the application of General Health Insurance, which allows all patients with diagnosis and communication to access treatment and care, is an application that can be a good example for many countries and no problem with accessing drugs." If a patient has been admitted to health care tests are conducted and if the result of the test is a positive, HIV-positive person is monitored and treated within the framework of General Health Insurance.

Voluntary counseling centers and test centers are set up to inform HIV-infected groups about how to protect and transmit HIV, provide HIV testing services on a free and confidential basis, provide counseling services before and after testing and direct them to the right place for treatment. Increasing the number of these centers is among our strategies. "

Oak, in order to reduce the number of new cases of awareness and information for all target groups, including training activities, including peer education, supports the expression: "In addition to treating this illness because of the difficulties of transport in society as a result of this disease or those who suspect it, even if they hesitate to apply to healthcare institutions this is one of the major problems in spreading the disease. "The terms used.

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